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Thursday, 15 January
Kai Po Che says Rahul Sharma

During this time of the year, getting up at four in the morning, offering prayer to the sun god and then reaching the roof top by 6:00 am, only to get into the kite fight mode until late in the night, is how popular actor Rahul Sharma celebrates his favorite festival — Makar Sankranti. Leaving behind all these fun moments to pursue his call of becoming a television actor, Rahul Sharma who is seen playing the lead character of Raghav on PAL's Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi, is now caught up in the fast paced life of Mumbai and has no time to celebrate Makar Sankranti. He shares his memories of flying kites in his hometown, Dausa. "For me looting kites that landed on my rooftop meant the kite festival," says Sharma nostalgically. Sharing his grief of being unable to celebrate his favorite festival, he says, "For me it is a festival of fun, music and love but with my hectic shooting schedule in Mumbai, I can hardly manage flying kites, just going out to restaurant to dine, is all I can do. One thing that I miss the most is the dal baati and choorma made by my mother” Going down memory lane, he recalled a particular Sankranti when he forgot to have his food, as he was busy flying kites at his friend's place. "Well! I can never forget that day, I was so engrossed in the kite flying competition that I forgot to go back home for my lunch. Hell broke loose when my mother came searching for me at my friends place. But that was fun," he ends with a laugh.

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