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Friday, 28 November
Aditi Govitrikar to share screen space with Raveena Tandon

Doctor-model-actress Aditi Govitrikar will soon be seen sitting on the couch and having a tete-a-tete with the ravishing Raveena in the next episode of PAL's 'Simply Baatein with Raveena'. This week, Raveena will be seen exploring the topic of Health and Nutrition as she indulges in a hearty tete-a-tete with the gorgeous Aditi, along with the health and nutrition experts Kinita Kadakia Patel, Sunita Banerjee, and Dr.Rekha Agrawal. Aditi, along with a host of these health and nutrition experts will talk about her journey of being a doctor, staying fit all through her practice and modeling career and sharing the vital remedies that can help women to stay healthy all the time.

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