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Friday, 28 November
‘Pronouncing medical terms is tricky’

It’s been almost three months that actor Bhanu Uday has been working on Sony Pal’s Hamari Sister Didi. The actor, who is portraying the character of an ambitious and strict doctor in the show, says that he makes sure that every medical term that he uses is correct. “I call up my uncle who is a surgeon to check the pronunciation of a term and if I am using it as well as if it is being used in the right context,” says Uday, who thinks that television as a medium is a training ground for actors that teaches them a lot of new things. Interestingly, not just Bhanu, even Pariva Pranati, who plays the lead role in the show and is shown as the head nurse, also makes sure to do that. A source from the channel says that every time they have a doubt about a certain medical term while enacting the script, one of the cast or crew immediately calls up their family doctor to confirm the same. “During a recent scene, a patient with the Brugada syndrome was to be analysed. The Brugada syndrome appears in the show at a point where the protagonist, Amrita (Pariva) finds out that her mother-in-law suffers from it and also realises that her husband’s untimely death was caused due to the same syndrome as it is a genetic disease. Since the cast was confused about the correct terminology, they took help from their personal doctors to be doubly sure,” says the source. - See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/screen/pronouncing-medical-terms-is-tricky/#sthash.NzmDMc1x.dpuf

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